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Legal Services


Now that you are buying or selling a home, having a top notch attorney available to answer your questions is not a bad idea.  Questions such as "How should I hold title?  What about that old lien against the property?  Will my bankruptcy affect whether I can sell the home?  Now that I have a home, should I get a will or a Trust or  nothing?"  These, and countless other legal questions, really should be answered by a qualified attorney, but the affordability of legal counsel usually sends us to a friend or family member for a well-meaning guess.


Fortunately, a service is now available that is similar to insurance in that the cost is spread out over hundreds of thousands of members nationwide.  The monthly cost is less than you spend on your cable TV, yet you have access to top rated attorneys when you have questions or need help.  No longer is cost a factor when you pick up the phone.  You can now clear up little things before they turn into big problems!


The service is provided by LegalShield®, Inc. and for one low monthly membership fee you not only get unlimited telephone consultations for both personal and business issues, you also get the following:   


  • Letters written, and phone calls made on your behalf
  • Legal document review, up to 10 pages and unlimited documents!
  • A will prepared with yearly updates
  • Motor Vehicle Legal Services (moving violations, license assistance, etc.)
  • Civil lawsuit and work related criminal lawsuit representation
  • IRS Audit legal services, up to 50 hours per year!
  • Discounts on other legal services (bankruptcy, divorce, etc.)
For a complete explanation of benefits or to simply find out more about LegalShield®, Inc. please click the link found at the top of this page or on the LegalShield® found throughout this page.


I have been a member since 1997 and because of LegalShield®, Inc. and I have saved over $30,000.00!  Because I was thrilled with the results, I became an independent distributor of the service and receive a commission.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to hear my story. 


Jon Englund

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